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so allie is being a little weirdo about going outside. she sits in front of the door and squees and whines and begs to go into the yard, but mommy won't let her. hmff. i want out too, honestly, but mommy won't have it unless she can be out there with us. i don't get it, because it's not like either of us goes far. i roll around and rarr a lot, and alice kinda sniffs around until she gets scared and runs back inside.


anywho, i think it's rather cool that our mother has based two of her fictional kitties on ME. yes...kisa and lisa, tasha's cats. put them together, and you have a pretty calico princes, aka MOI.
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Dear Francine,

Do you prefer blueberry muffins or banana muffins? Do you know any cats named Delphine?


P.S. You are SO CUTE!!! :)
Honestly, I like all muffins. And pie.

No, no cats named Delphine. I kinda thought Alice might get a French name to match moi, but no. She came with the name Allie, which mommy kept, formalizing it into 'Alice.' Then she added the middle name Ann, and a surname. Mine is McGillicuddy, after Lucille Ricardo. Allie's is Abt. After that skating guy mom thinks is rowr.

Hope this helps,

Francine Ann M.
Dear Fran,

I heard all about the motor oil incident, you poor thing! I hope that you are all clean now!