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It's been awhile.  My stupid mother forgot the password to this account.  She NEVER does that kind of thing...except when it comes to MY journal.  Really.

Anyway, Lots has gone on in the last three years!  In 2005, I got into a fight and had a big abcess on my back.  I had surgery and got a full-body shave!  We realized that the shave wasn't just useful for's great during hot weather!  So, now I get a shave at the start of EVERY summer.  Allie doesn't, because her fur isn't as dense as mine.

For the first time ever, we are being BOARDED at the vet's office.  I don't like going there, because I remember my surgery incident.  Allie likes it and Foofie doesn't mind.  Not that I give a rat's what FOOFIE thinks about anything.  I hate her and she hates me.  Anyway, I know it's safest for me to be at the vet's while my family is away, but I'm going to make Mommy sorry for it.  Watch - I won't speak to her for at LEAST two days after!

~ Pantsy McFrancerson
Tags: boarding, grooming, stuff, surgery, vet
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