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Happy Mew Year!

This is Francine. I'm a very bad blogger, but I'm here to update you! I can say that we've had some big changes in our family over the last few years.

Alice Ann passed away in July of 2011. Late one night, she snuck out of the hose and around the corner, and was hit by a speeding car. Mama misses her very much, but my quality of life has much improved. I'm happy. I purr and trill and enjoy having my mother all to myself. 

This past August, Mama and I moved into a house of our very own! I love romping up and down the stairs, rolling on the upstairs carpet, and dragging Springy Toy around the house. Springy is my special friend, so I spend lots of time yowling at her in the "Mama Voice" as I drag her by the fuzzy ball. 

Since Mama put up the Christmas tree, I've been kinda bad. I steal ornaments to play with them. Sometimes, to get attention, I grab two lower limbs and shake the whole tree. That's a big deal, because the tree is like 8 feet tall and weighs a lot. Mama gets super PISSED when I do that. 

Anyway, have a lovely year. I'll be back soon, hopefully!
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