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Mommy says I'm pretty!

This is Francine. Mommy just told my I was a beauty cat (TM), so I rolled over on my back and gave her the cute kitty facial (TM) expression. I demand a lot of attention, but I'm not big on being held. You can totally hold me and pet me and kiss me while I eat, though. For some reason, I equate food with closeness. Maybe I feel like a nursing kitten or something.

Now I'm on the dining room window ledge. I'm big on staring out windows. And at my mom. Don't ask why...I'm just weird that way.

I've taken back to dragging the springy toy into my mom's bed. She gets a big kick out of it for some reason. I'm just paying tribute. I don't understand how it's particularly amusing. Since Mom was completely out, I walked around on her until she got up and ate with me. And that was prettttty much my day.


~ Francina
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