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Fran Nine From Outer Space

...also starring the Mee Moo Chicken

The Franny and Allie Show
We are Francine and Allie. We are cute and furry. Francine was born on May 12, 2001, and is foofie and white with calico markings. Alice is a fluffy tabby with a kinked tail, born in July of 2002. Our Mama is tatiana_larina.
attacking mommy, beaker, being ambivalent and crazy, being high-maintenance, eeeee, feline conversation, food, food bowl lust, getting into trouble, going outside, hanging off of stuff, kisa, liza, love, lying on books, lying on paper, mee moo, mommy, muffin, parents, playing with cough drops, puffing and fluffing, sleeping printer boxes, springy toy, the bathtub, the hall rug, the meower hour, the sock, the wicker chair, yowling